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Early years

1931: Born November 15 in New York City Manhattan; son of Geoffrey Kerr and June Walker. His father Geoffrey Kerr was successful English writer, director and performer and his mother June Walker was successful Broadway performer. His grandfather Frederick Kerr was actor-manager.

1938: His father and mother were separated by the start of the World War II.

1940: Appeared at the age of eight by walking on stage for three lines as son of Ruth Chatterton in Tomorrow and Tomorrow at Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Ma.

1941-42: Went to military school, near Los Angeles.

1942-45: Went to Harvey School in Katonah, NY.

1945: His father and mother divorced.

1945-48: Studied at Phillips Exeter Academy in New England. Played hockey there.

1947: Appeared in summer stock Joan of Lorraine as Jo Cordwell ( Jean D'Are) with Luise Rainer at Cape Playhouse in Dennis Ma. And spent summer with his mother at there.

1947: Appeared in summer stock (21 season) Dream Girl with Jean Parker at Cape Playhouse. And spent summer with his mother at there.

June 19 '48~24 '48: Appeared in summer stock (22 season) O Mistress Mine as Michael Brown with Gertrude Lawrence at Cape Playhouse.

1948: Entered Harvard College in Cambridge Massachusetts. He played lacrosse and belonged the drama club there. He worked at the nearby Brattle Theatre.Cambridge

1949: Appeared in summer stock in support of Gertrude Lawrence September Tide at Cape Playhouse.

1951: Met Pricilla Smith in the class of Serbo-Croatian language and literature.

1951: Played in Brattle Theatre acting group ; A Midsummer Night's Dream,Twelfth Night and Billy Budd at Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Ma.

1952: Appeared in A Sleep of Prisoners at Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Ma.

June 1952: Graduated Harvard. Auditioned for Bernardine with director Guthrine McClintic.

Oct. 16 '52~ Feb. 28 '53: His first Broadway appearance Bernardine as Arthur Beaumont (Beau) by Mary Chase at Playhouse Theatre in NY.

Nov. 28 '52: Met Priscilla Smith who a class in Serbo-Croatian language and literature at Harvard and married in the church of Milton in Ma. Lived in Greenwich Village apartment in NY.

1953-'54:For some time he pursued graduate studies in the Russian Institute of Columbia University.

Feb. 2 '53: Appeared TV Show as Tony in The White Gown with Margaret O'Brien (NY).

March 8 '53:Appeared TV "Suspense"in episode:"Comeee Into My Parior".

June 13 '53:Appeared TV "Studio One"in episode:"End Of the Honeymoon".

June 23 '53:Appeared TV "Danger" in episode:"Operation Nightmare".

July 13 '53: Appeared TV Show Studio One : in episode; End of the Honeymoon with Eva Marie Saint. (NY)

Aug. 2 '53: Appeared TV Show Your Are There(CBS): as Jesse James in episode The Jesse James Story with James Dean (NY). This show aired one year after Dean's death and featured a new TV show.(Jan. 4, '57 )

1953: Entered Russian institute at Columbia University in NY.

1953: Received in 1952-53 Daniel Blum /Promising Personalities Theatre World Award (Bernardine).

1953: Appeared TV Show Danger and The Web (NY).

Sep. 11 '53: Appeared TV Show The Big Story (Robert Montgemery Presents)(NBC):in episode Rex Newman with James Dean (NY)

Sep. 30 '53~5 29 '54: Appeared on Broadway Tea and Sympathy as Tom Robinson Lee by Robert Anderson and directed by Elia Kazan at Ethel Barrymore Theatre in NY.

June 29 '54:Appeared TV"Suspense" in episode:"The Hunted".

July 8 '54:Appeared TV"Justice" in epi sode:"The Scandal That Rocked the Town".

Apr. 17 '55:Appeared TV"The Philco Television Playhouse" in epi sode:"The Bold and the Brave".

June 14 '55:Appeared TV"The Elgin Hour" as Private Foster in episode:"Combat Medics".

Dec. 1 '55:Appeared TV"Climax!"as Matt Sloane in episode:"A Man of Taste".

Feb. 1 '56:Appeared TV"The United States Steell Hour"as Ray in episode:"A Fair Shake".

Aug. 2 '56:Appeared TV"Climax!"as Danny Barron/Steve barron in episode:"Throw Away the Cane".

May 29 '54: Twin daughters were born, named Jocelyn, Rebecca.

1954: Received in 1953 The Donaldson Award=Billboard’s Donaldson/ as Best Supporting Actor of the season (Tea and Sympathy).

1954: Received in 1953 New York Drama Critic's Award as Best Supporting Actor by Variety (Tea and Sympathy).

March 14 '54: Received in 1954 Antoinette Perry Award (Tony Award) /as Outstanding Supporting Actor (Tea and Sympathy) or Featured Dramatic Actor. The American Theatre Wing (Tea and Sympathy) at the Plaza Hotel.

1954: Appeared in Ring 'Round the Moon, as twin roles; Frederic & his twin brother at the Hyde Park Theatre in New York.

June 29 '54: Appeared TV Show Suspense : in episode; The Hunted (NY).

Sep. 5 '54: Appeared Radio Guest Star :as son of Henry Fonda : in episode; Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Sep. 23 '54~11 15 '54: Appeared on Broadway as Don from the novel Donald Wetzel A wreath and a Curse, by Robert Anderson at Coronet Theatre in NY. Casting of John Kerr and June Walker were mother and son inAll Summer Long real life, this was the first time duplicated in the casting of a play.

1954: Originally the lead role of Lindbergh The Spirit of St. Louis(1957) (James Stewart) was offered to John Kerr, who had earned acclaim for his performance in the Broadway production of Tea and Sympathy but he turned it down because of Lindbergh's alleged pro-Nazi political views.

1954: Offered movie Friendly Persuation (1956) ,but did not accept the role.

1954: Appeared movie (MGM) The Cobweb (1955) as Steven W. Holte.

Dec. '54~'55: Appeared movie (MGM) Gaby (1955) as Gregory Y. Wendell.

1955: Appeared TV Maurice Evans Presents in episode; The Corn Is Green replacing the late James Dean.

1955: Appeared TV "Motion Picture Theatre Celebration".

Apr. 17 '55: Appeared TV "The Philco Television Playhouse "in episode "The Bold And The Brave".

Dec. 1 1 '55:Appeared TV"The Alcoa Hour"as Jamie Hallock in episode:"Undertow".(NY)

1955~: Lived Westwood in LA

Feb. 1 '56: Appeared TV "The United States Steel Hour" in episode:"A Fair Shake".

Jan. 10 '56: Appeared TV "Playhouse 90" as Capt. Neil Dameron in episode:" in episode"The Ninth Day".

1956: Appeared movie (MGM) Tea and Sympathy as Tom Robinson Lee.

1956: Won Photo Play Award as the most popular actor of this year.

Jan. 29 '57: Appeared TV "Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre" as Tom Parr in episode:"Killer's Pride".

March 7 '57: Appeared TV "Climax!" as Poggi in episode:"Night of a Rebel".

Apr. 1 '57: Appeared TV "Studio One" in episode:"The Years in Between".

1957: Appeared movie (MGM) The Vintage as Ernesto Barandero.

Sep. 19 '57: Son was born, named Michael.

1957: Received in 1957 The Golden Globes Award / as Most Promising Newcomer-male.

1957: Appeared Movie (20th Fox) The South Pacific as Lieutenant Joseph Cable.

Feb. 3 '58~3 9 '58: Appeared off Broadway The Infernal Machine as Oedipus at Phoenix Theatre in NY.

March 1 '58: Appeared TV "Playhouse 90" as Capt. Neil Dameron in episode:"Rumors of Evening".

Oct. 7 '58:Appeared TV "Alcoa Theatre" as Flight Lieutenant Upton CStrange Occurrence at Rokesay".

Nov. 9 '58:Appeared TV "General Electric Theater" as Freddie C A Question of Romance".

Nov. 25 '58~Dec. 8 '58: Appeared on first tryout opening Cue For Passion as Tony Burgess at Shubert Theatre in New Haven, Conn.

Nov.2 '58~Dec. 2 '58: Appeared on Broadway Cue For Passion as Tony Burgess at Henry Miller Theatre in NY.

Feb. 5 '59: Appeared TV "Hallmark Hall of Fame" as Peter Standish in episode:"Berkelery Square".

Sep. 20 '59: Appeared TV "Riveboat" as Jefferson Carruthers in episode:"The Barrier".

1958: Appeared movie (WB) Girl of Night as Larry.

July 23 '59~27 '59: Appeared in The Glass Menagerie. Kerr played Tom and his mother, June Walker played Amanda at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara Summer Theatre, California. Santa Barbara.

1959 : Appeared in The Hasty Heart as Lachie at the Fred Miller Theatre in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.

1959 : Won The Fiddie Award at the Fred Miller Theatre for Best Actor of the season.(The Hasty Heart)

March 18 '60: Appeared TV:Walt Disney presents: "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca" as Marter Didler in episode:" FriedlyEnemies at Law.

June 10 '60: Appeared TV:"Rawhide" as Bert Eaton in episode:"Incident of the Last Chance".

1960: Directed and Appeared in Bus Stop as Bo at the Fred Miller Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1960: Appeared in The Rainmaker as Starbuck at the Wharf Theatre in Monterey, Califorinia.

1960: Appeared movie (20th Fox) 7 Women From Hell as Bill Jackson.

1960: Appeared movie (WB) The Crowded Sky as Mike Rule.

1961: Appeared movie (AIP) Pit and The Pendulum as Francis Barnard.

1961:Appeared on Five Finger Exercise at the La Jolla Playhouse in La Jolla, California.

1961: Directed Sound of Murder at the La Jolla Playhouse, while acting in Five Finger Excercise.

Nov.22 '61: Appeared TV "Checkmate" as White Kamens in episode:"The Crimson Pool".

1961~62: Appeared on Bus Stop at the Fred Miller Theater (Milwaukee WI).

1962: Appeared in Antigone as Haemon at the UCLA Theatre Group in Los Angeles,

1962 Directed a staged reading of Love and Like, a play by Herbert Gold based on his story of the same name, at the UCLA Theatre Group in Los Angeles.

Feb. 11 '62 :Appeared TV "Gunsmoke " : as Lute Willis in episode; "Half straight".

March 11 '62 :Appeared TV "The Bus Stop " : as Jim Carmody in episode; "Verdict of 12".

July 25 '62 :Appeared TV "The The Unitedd States Steel Hour": in episode; "Honor in Love".

Sep.5 '62 :Appeared TV "The The Unitedd States Steel Hour": in episode; "Dry Rain".

Nov.20 '62 : Appeared TV "The Lloyd Bridges Show": in episode; "The Miracle of Mesa Verde".

Dec. 12 '62 : Appeared TV "The Defenders ": as Jonathan Winthrop in episode; "The Apostle".

Jan.26 '63: Appeared TV "The Wirginian": as Oliver Smith in episode; "The Judgment".

May 29 '63 : Appeared TV "Wagon Train": as Jim Whitlow in episode; "The Jim Whitlow Story".

1963:~'64: Appeared TV "Arrest And Trial "as Deputy D.A. Barry Pine.

1963: Hamlet; as an artist in residence at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

1964:Appeared TV "Peyton Place" as Dist. Atty. John Flwler

1964:Liliom; As a lecturer and artist in residence at the University of Oregon Summer Conference.

1964: Directed Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, at theatre in West Hollywood,California.

1964: Produced six plays; Androcles and the Lion, Oedipus, J.B., Waiting for Godot , Spoon River Anthology and Desire under the Elms for ANTA at Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California.

Dec.25 '64: Appeared TV "Twelve O'Clock High": as Maj Herrick in episode; "An Act of War".

1965: Appeared in Mister Robertsas Ensign Pulver at the Melodyland Theatre in Anaheim, California and the Circle Star Theatre in San Bruno, California.

Jan.24 '65: Appeared TV "Profiles in Courage": as John Peter Altgeld in episode; 1.11.

Feb.15 '65: Appeared TV "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour": as Glendon Baker in episode; "An Unlocked Window".

March 26 '65: Appeared TV "Twelve O'Clock High": as Lt. Thacker in episode; "Mutiny at 10,000 Feet".

1966: His mother passed away in LA.

1966:Entered the Law School of UCLA.

Sep.12 '66: Appeared TV "Run for Your Life": as Alex Ryder in episode; "The Day Time Stopped".

1966-'67: Appeared TV "Peyton Place" as John Fowler.

Jan.7 '67: Appeared TV "Flipper": as Keller in episode; "Flipper and The Fugitive: part 1".

Jan.14 '67: Appeared TV "Flipper": as Keller in episode; "Flipper and The Fugitive: part 2".

Nov.5 '67: Appeared TV "The High Chaparral": as Creed Hallock in episode; "Sudden Country".

Nov.5 '67:Appeared TV"The F.B.I." as SAC Gary Morgan episode in;"A Sleeper Wakers".

Nov. 8 '67~31 '67: Appeared on The Tenth Manas Arthur Landau at New York City Center.

Jan. 7 '68:Appeared TV"The F.B.I." as Chicago Special Agent episode in;"The Dynasty".

Feb. 11'68:Appeared TV"The F.B.I." as Agent Morgan episode in;"Homecoming".

Feb. 18 '68:Appeared TV"The F.B.I." as SAC Gary Morgan episode in;"The Phone Call".

1969: Received J.D.(Juris Doctor) from UCLA.

Feb. 9 '69 :Appeared TV"The F.B.I." as SAC William Converse episode in;"The Maze".

Feb. 28 '69 :Appeared TV"The Name off the Game" as Father Billy Keaton episode in;"A Wrath of Angels".

Nov. 22 '69:Appeared TV"Adam-12" as Father Joe; episode in;"Log 93 Once a Junkie".

Dec. 19 '69 :Appeared TV"The Name off the Game" as Stuart Clark; episode in;"Laurie Marie".

Middle years

July 1 '70: His father, Geoffrey Kerr passed away Aldershort in England.

1970: Appeared TV"Yuma "as Captain White.

Sep. 2 '70 :Appeared TV"The Bold Ones: The Lawyers" as Dr. Blackburn; episode in;"The Verdict".

1971: Appeared TV"Columbo": as Colonel Roger Dutton ; episode in;"Dead Weight".

Jan. 4 '71: Appeared TV "The Young Lawyers"; episode in; "False Witness".

Oct. 21 '71 Appeared TV "Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" as Clay Arnold in episode;"Men Who Care: Part 2".

1972: Divorced.

1972: Appeared TV "Incident On A Dark Street "as Gallagher, Trainers’ Attorney.

1972: Appeared TV "The Longest Night" as Agent Jones.

Oct. 16 '72: Appeared TV "The Rookies " as Price in episode;"Times Is the Fire".

Jan. 23 '73: Appeared TV "Alias Smith and Jones" as George Sterling in episode;"Only Three to a Bed".

Jan. 25 '73: Appeared TV The Streets of San Francisco as Jerry O'Brien in episode ;The Set-Up.

Feb. 28 '73: Appeared TV "Search"as Senator Gordon in episode;"The Mattson Papers".

Oct. 12 '73: Appeared TV "The Streets of San Francisco" as Jerry O'Brien in episode; "The House on Hyde Streets".

Dec. 4 '73: Appeared TV "Police Story" as Prosecutor in episode;"The Big Walk".

Jan. 27 '74: Appeared TV "The Barnaby Jones" :  as Dr. Lincoln in episode;"Programmed for Killing".

March 26 '74: Appeared TV "Police Story" as Dr. Ullman in episode;"The Gamble".

Dec.19 '74: Appeared TV "The Streets of San Francisco"as Jerry O'Brien in episode "Mister Nobody".

Jan. 9 '75: Appeared TV "The Streets of San Francisco" as Jerry O'Brien in episode;" False Witness".

March 11 '75 : Appeared TV "Police Story" as Kimbrough in episode;"The Witness".

Sep.29 '75: Appeared TV "The Invisible Man": as Kirk in episode;"Eyes Only".

'75 Appeared TV " " as in episode;"".

Oct. 2 '75: Appeared TV "Medical Story " as Dr. Barrett in episode;"A Life in the Balance".

Nov.28 '75 : Appeared TV "Police Story" as Morrisey in episode;"Little Boy Lost".

1976: Appeared TV "The Blue Knight" in episode(2.9);"Throwaway ".

Feb.20 '76 : Appeared TV "Police Story" as Prosector in episode;" Eamon Kinsella Royce".

Feb.3 '77: Appeared TV "The Streets of San Francisco" as Jerry O'Brien in episode; "Who Killed Helen French?

1977: Appeared TV "Washington": as Ashton in episodel:"Behind Closed Doors" .

Nov. 25 '77: Appeared TV "The New Avengers"as Policeman in episodel:"Emily".

March 20 '77: Appeared TV "McMillan and Wife"asRichard Valentine in episodel:"Affaire of the Heart".

1979: Remarried to Barbara Chu and has two stepchildren, named Chris and Sharon.

1987: Appeared TV Bay Coven as Ferry Captain.

1969~2000: Practiced attorney of trial work in medical malpractice and personal injury.

Later years

June '06: Wrote the reminiscence of his life.

Nov. '06: Went to West Sussex in England to visited his cousin.

January '07: Made a short documentary type film of an interview of Henry Fonda by Charlton Heston The Backlot Film Festival in Cuver City (the home of MGM Pictures).

Apr. '07: Went on a trip to China and Japan.

June '08: Went to cruise to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and St. Petersbug.

July~Oct.'08:Damage to his spinal cord and had surgery C4 to C7 and started physical therapy anc occulational therapy.

Dec.'09: Went on two weeks trip to Spain and Portugal.

May. '09 :Went to South Bay area.

Mid-Aug. '09: Diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Nov.'09 :Went on a short trip to Northern California.

Nov. '09: His wife have in the hospita three days.

Dec. 11th '09: Had surgery to his right hand.

Feb. 6 '10: Attended with co-star off The South Pacific old year's winners Tony Awards at The Lincoln Center Theater Production.

Feb. '10: Had surgery to his left hand.

Nov.~Dec.'10:Went on a cruise of the eastern seaboard of the U.S. for eleven days. It started out from Montreal in Canada, and end up in New York City.

July '12: His wife lent a liver transplant.

Apr. ~Aug.'12: John went into hospital . He have a weak heart.

Apr. '12~Feb. '12:His twin daugters Rebecca Kerr and jocellyn Kerr-Thantrakul visited Keeping John. He was so glad they did.

Nov. 11th ferine'12:Happy birthday on his 80 yeas-old .

Nov. '12: He has at real fibrillation, mitral valve stenosis and heart ferine. He mustn't eat salt. He started he gym and it helpful to him in gettenough excercise.

July ~Dec. '12: His health was recovered and his wife was still hospital, but her recovery was very slow.
John took care of his wife. He went to theatre once, and attended two weddings in the October.

1952~2013: Belong to AFTRA(American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), EQUITY(Action's Equity Association) and SAG(Screen Actors Guide).

John Kerr survived by his wife Barbara ;twin daughters Jocelyn and Rebecca, and Michael from his first marriage ;seven grandchildren; two step-children, Sharon and Chris Chu; and two step-grandchildren.

Feb.2, '13: Passed away at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. It was sudden and he had no pain. His ashes will be scattered at the Ocean later.